Gender~Link addresses the root causes, and not just symptoms, of disharmony and dissent between men and women by addressing long held and culturally supported perceptions, beliefs and behaviors that lead to misunderstanding, miscommunication and adverse behavior between the sexes.  Through seminars, dialogue groups and facilitated group discussions, Gender~Link focuses upon creating a forum for personal and cultural learning, so that personal, organizational and cultural change can occur.  This is accomplished by:

Grasping Our Past

As with any personal organizational and cultural change, there first must be a clear understanding of where we are, how we got there, and what beliefs and behaviors hold us there.  Women and men are invited to recall how male and female roles were defined within their family, school, community and culture as they were growing up.

Defining Our Present

These beliefs are then examined in terms of their relevancy to today’s world and the various roles that men and women undertake.  Participants are challenged to look at the beliefs and perceptions they hold now from the standpoint of cultural learning and tradition; to determine if they hold present day value and to analyze how these beliefs affect attitudes, relationships and behaviors now.  Inter-gender issues such as communication, power, relationships and aggression are discussed within the context of the effect of our beliefs.

Carving Our Future

Change occurs when we can identify and aspire to a common future.  Participants are asked to visualize a future that embraces positive inter-gender relationships.  They identify the belief, attitude and behavioral changes that must take place to attain this new future and take responsibility for making it happen.

As a result of investigating these core perceptions, beliefs and behaviors, our knowledge about ourselves and the opposite sex increases. A vision of what our interactions and behaviors could be is created and we turn to relationships between men and women in more specific contexts, such as:

  1.     Effective Communication

  2.     Problem-Solving

  3.     Decision-Making

  4.     Interpersonal and Role Conflicts

  5.     Work Styles and Ethics

  6.     Social and Work Relationships

Home                Belief                History                Culture                Community                Leadership                Organization                Program Development                Clients Served

The goal of the Gender~Link program is to enhance positive communication and relationships between the sexes at home, at school, at the worksite and in the community.  Gender~Link accomplishes this goal by providing a working forum where women and men can gain a better awareness and insight into the familial and cultural beliefs that they hold about the opposite sex that influence perceptions, interactions and behaviors.  Then, through dialogue and education, Gender~Link facilitates an investigation into the validity of those beliefs.

Every individual’s behavior is based upon his/her belief system.  Unexamined beliefs lead to a stereotypical understanding of behavior about women, men and their roles and place in society.  Through an exploration and awareness of these beliefs, individuals can begin to understand how their strongly held beliefs about the other sex influence their everyday interactions and ability to live and work together in a healthy manner. This understanding and insight is the first step toward behavioral change.  Failure to take a learning and behavioral change approach can result in devaluation of the opposite gender and the expression of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors.

Today’s world is evolving at a fast pace and consistent change is impacting each of us at every level of our life, including the intimate and professional relationships that we have with the other sex. This evolution is being fueled by:

♂♀Increasing participation by both genders in the workplace

♂♀Cultural multiplicity in schools, community and work

♂♀Role diversification in the home, worksite and community

♂♀Fast-paced social, cultural and organizational change

The impact of this change on relationships between women and men can be seen daily in our world as reflected in increasing acts of gender related harassment, assault and violence; misunderstandings and miscommunications that lead to power struggles; withholding information, lack of efficiency and productivity; and the inability to fully utilize the unique talents that both sexes bring to the world.